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Wayward Realms New Open World RPG from OnceLost Games

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There has been quite a lot happening that has been successful in dealing with the ever present Monday Blues. One such thing was the launch of the teaser trailer for Wayward Realms. The game, still in its development phases, is being developed and will be published by OnceLost Games.

Touted to be the “spiritual successor” of Elder Scrolls, the project is being helmed by the once responsible for the revolutionary and highly engaging original Elder Scrolls, Arena and Daggerfall. Julian Lefay and Ted Peterson, the lead developers of the team are now here with Wayward Realms. With them directing the project, it is only natural to have high hopes from this game.

Wayward Realms is an open world role playing game. The game will be offering a primary first person as well as a third person narrative, giving the players the choice to choose between the two. The gameplay occurs in The Archipelago, a group of about one hundred islands of varying sizes that has been scaled realistically for the purpose of the game alone.

Watch the Teaser Trailer for Wayward Realms Here

The game offers players with a storyline and experiences that keep evolving with every choice that players make. Well-crafted role playing experiences with players having complete freedom to shape their own characters, as they see fit, have the ability to create their own spells and potions and customize their skills and abilities. In addition to it, the world of the game will be significantly larger than any that players may have experience in any other RPGs out there. Wayward Realms has it all and at its base is a solid tale that is deeply rooted in folklores and legends. Here, every choice and every action will have a consequence.

Head over to OnceLost GamesYouTube channel for more on the game development process, interactions of the developers and more inside scoop on Wayward Realms.

Wayward Realms is slated for release on Steam. However, the makers have not announced the dates yet. We hope to get glimpses of the gameplay and other aspects of the game, in the coming months. Let us know how you liked the teaser trailer, in the comments below.

For more exciting news about upcoming releases, keep an eye out here.

Source: Steam

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