Microsoft Calls Windows 11 To Be The Best Windows Ever For Gaming- Header

Microsoft Calls Windows 11 To Be The Best Windows Ever For Gaming

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Windows 11 is now available for download for free.

In a blog that Microsoft had published in August, the company had claimed that Windows 11 would be delivering “the best Windows ever for gaming and unlocks the full potential of your system’s hardware with technology like DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage and Auto HDR”. The new Microsoft Store in Windows 11 has been rebuilt. The new design will be making it easier for the users to find their apps and games on their systems.

Windows 11 is currently available for free download for current Windows 10 users on the Microsoft website. The users can download the OS in three different ways. The first method is, also the method that is recommended by Microsoft as well, for devices that are already running Windows 10, it can be downloaded as an installation assistant. The second method is by using a bootable USB drive or even a DVD. The third method is downloading it as an ISO file.

An article on the Xbox Wire explains how the gaming features of Windows 11 will also be including the technology from the Xbox Series X|S which would significantly improve the gaming experience on the PC. Microsoft had announced in June that Auto HDR and DirectStorage facility. These features are some that are some of the features which Xbox Series X|S owners currently enjoy.

The Auto HDR will automatically be adding HDR image enhancements to any of the games that are built on either DirectX 11 or higher, irrespective of whether the games were previously featured only in SDR, earlier. It would even allow for a wider range of colours and brightness values, which would make the images even more vivid.

Windows 11 To Be The Best Windows Ever For Gaming: Microsoft

Microsoft Calls Windows 11 To Be The Best Windows Ever For Gaming- Inner

Windows 11 will even include DirectStorage which is also yet another feature that is a part of the Xbox Velocity Architecture that is present in the Xbox Series X|S. The feature will allows for quickly loading game assets to the GPU without putting too much strain on the PC’s CPU. This implies that games will be able to feature more detailed game worlds, at significantly reduced load times and extremely faster speeds.

Sometime after the launch, it is being expected that the OS will also be providing with support making it possible to launch Android games on their PC as well. This would also enable users to play Android games on their PCs as well as their tablets and their phones.

In order to access DirectStorage, players must have “a high performance NVMe SSD and the proper drivers”. Dedicated Windows 11 PCs will be marked with DirectStorage Optimised to let the buyers buying a new computer would be able to know for themselves if the system is compatible out of the box or not.

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Source: Xbox Wire