Women In The Gaming Industry: A Change In The Making

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The gaming industry is eventually shaping itself around women and their interests but it is not a rosy path getting there.

There is nothing much that is unachievable, when woman puts her mind to it”. We believe that this saying is indeed very true. As per a report that had been released by the International Game Developers’ Association, in 2016, the gaming industry is diversifying and more and more women are joining the workforce, in development and non-managerial roles, as compared to previous years.

The video gaming industry is notorious for its extreme male dominance. Until very recently, the games that were developed too reflected this sentiment, very amply. Every gamer has, at least once in their life, come across a video game that has for its heroine a scantily dressed heroine with a figure that defies science in mortal danger. It is the task of our hero to save this damsel in distress and then live happily ever after.

Women Are Taking More Roles In The Gaming Industry


However, game developers, have realised that this is not what players want. More than 40% of the consumers of video games globally consist of women. This is a rather significant number and with more women joining the industry, changes are visible, not only in the characters but also in the storyline and gameplay as well.

Women in the gaming industry have had to face several backlashes that include but are not limited to workplace harassment, disparity in their pay and intimidation. It is unfortunate but we still hear of women being harassed at their workplaces. The latest of such news was the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filing a suit against one of the largest video game publishing company Activision Blizzard for its toxic “frat boy” like work culture, violations of the California Equal Pay Act and harassment of female employees both past as well as present.

This is but one instance of how women have to fight their way in the industry. And for every one case that comes out into the light, there are so many more that don’t. Another alarming aspect is the pay gap between the male and female developers in the gaming industry.

Women In The Gaming Industry: A Change In The Making


However, amidst all of the negativities, there indeed are some bright spots. Women, as they say, are a resilient bunch. Slowly but steadily and entirely surely, they are making their presence felt in the industry. Women are not just upping the stakes as gamers but also making their presence felt as game developers, as well. Recently, EA announced its decision to promote Laura Miele as its COO, making her one of the most powerful women in the industry. She too is just one amongst the many amazing women who are carving out their mark in the industry.

We will be celebrating these amazing women, who are leaving their mark in the industry and encouraging the future generations to come forward as well in an upcoming series. Stay tuned to know more!

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