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Spawn-Point provides in-depth gaming news through proper qualitative analysis. We obtain news through different sources and by observing gaming events first-hand.



Timeliness: Our stories are delivered on time, keeping relevancy at its core.

Uniqueness: We encourage the smart voices and original ideas of our content creators.

Impactful: We create stories that matter. The news through which our audience feel connected to.

  • Spawn-Point is charged with the responsibility to create news which contributes to a sense of the gaming industry, which informs and reflects the diversity of gamers across the globe.
  • In doing so, we are required to be accurate and impartial to maintain the integrity of Spawn-Point.
  • Our opinion-based content like game reviews, expert opinions are based on our views and personal preferences.
  • Therefore, our content makers believe in presenting facts that are honest and clear through our articles.
  • We try to keep our language explanatory in all news articles.
  • In the course of our work, we tend to speak to game developers, publishers, and people associated with games.
  • We do not feature any offensive content that hurts the content creators of the gaming industry.
  • Our gaming news explains events taking place in the gaming industry to create fun engagement among users. Above all, we dedicatedly work hard to deliver impartial and insightful information about the Indian and global gaming market.

All Spawn-Point editorial team stands by this above policy individually and collectively.

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Here on Spawn-Point, we encourage a lively community of gamers and enthusiasts’ people. We want our audience to foster conversations that are thoughtful, friendly and of course fun. We ask you to follow a simple set of guidelines to get you all going!


Who has commenting privileges?

Spawn-Point is an emerging gaming news platform. Our key audience is the people in the game market and who have an interest in games specifically.

We provide you a platform to read key news of the day, like the latest games, indies, newest hardware, leading game industry news and more.

Spawn-Point invites you to participate in a meaningful discussion about games without fear of repercussions. Have a solid, fun time here!


How you can be banned?

Our team is regularly checking your activities at our site. Any individual who disobeys our code of instruction is banned from our site.


Comment Policy-

Readers are advised to read the entire post before commenting. Any comment which may sound offensive, abusive or misleading in any sense is highly objected.

If we found you provoking or disrupting through trolling or baiting, you will result in a suspension ban. We may sometimes also enter a thread to notify you, consider it as a fair warning.

Self-promotion and spam-

You are not allowed to push your product, games or company in our comments thread. We strictly consider these comments as spam and may immediately withdraw the message.


Complaints about coverage-

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

If you have anything subject to share regarding our news report or any verbal abuse, you are free to Reach us.


Report us-

You can debate politely, but if you find any commentator not following this simple etiquette, you are advised to report us immediately.

Note: Our Community, our rules!

All comments are carefully supervised by our team of volunteers and Spawn-Point reserves the right to edit or delete any comments to ensure a civil and healthy environment for discussion.

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