Rotor Riot Game Controller

Rotor Riot Game Controller Soon to be Release For iOS Devices

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T2M, LLC recently announced that they are going to launch a Rotor Riot Game Controller soon. This controller can be used for iOS mobile devices globally. They are the only Apple-certified who creates Lightning controllers with thumbsticks that are clickable. Rotor Riot functions much like a game control device and is equivalent to handheld game controls.

Why Rotor Riot Game Controller is the best?

As we are in 2020, the future of gaming depends on virtual reality and artificial intelligence. This controller dives gamers into a virtual world with its core functionality and structure.


Gamers can use this device to play mobile games that are compatible with controllers like Call of Duty, Fortnite, F1 Racing, Minecraft and more. PC games can also be enjoyed on this controller via an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It is also very efficient in playing all racing games and shooter games such as F1 racing on your Apple iPhone devices.

Rotor Riot Game Controller

Rotor Riot is a Lightning powered controller which ensures clean connectivity, and free latency for the high-end gaming experiences. As well as it also supports your arm through a zero-gravity arm support system which makes you play for hours without getting tired.


A Wired controller from Rotor Riot consumes very less energy and now players can power this controller when playing their favorite game with a charging port.

Purchase the Rotor Riot Game Controller here.



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