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Marvel Super War Launches New Season- Black Widow!

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It is a pride for NetEase’s MOBA that the Marvel Super War has successfully now reached season 4 of the game. And recently, they have launched the highly anticipated new Season 4. The new season is inspired by the Marvel Studios’s Black Widow.


There will also be Black Widow inspired new skins, in-game events, and added characters available to the game. The full six weeks of events will let players receive some cool giveaways in the form of new avatars and much more.

Watch Marvel Super War- Magik Fighter Trailer:

It also features the new character called Magik in the recent trailer who is gifted with strong teleportation skills. The new fighter hero will also make her big grand debut in the season. In addition, the villain “Taskmaster” can also enter the battlefield. Taskmaster can add confusion and excitation to the arena with the power to mimic the fighting action of other Superheroes at once.


The popular Hela and War Machine will get entirely new costumes in the “Opposite Realm Series” in which the Goddess of Death converts into the Goddess of Justice.


Marvel Super War is available to play on the iOS Store and the Google Play Store. Stay tuned with us for more game spills and updates and explore the new journey of MARVEL Super War!


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