Trivia Royale

Trivia Royale Launches on iOS

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Teatime Games and QuizUp Developer are the creators behind this blockbuster game where 1000 players compete against each other in a quiz-based battle royale. One of the promising game Trivia Royale launches on App Store.


The game will feature a face-tracking technology called ‘Game Face’ to enhance and customize the user experience. Players can also create a unique set of avatars while using facial features, hairstyles, cosmetic items such as hats, glasses, headphones, and more. Based on your facial expressions and movements the avatar will be animated in real-time.

Check out the trailer of Trivia Royale here:

The game covers over 1, 00,000+ questions and answers and the number is increasing with each passing day. The gameplay revolves around general knowledge tests where each match will eliminate a bunch of players out.


It is a 1v1 battle to enter the ‘Royale Lounge’. The Royale Lounge is only dedicated to elite players. Players on winning the title get to highlight a crown. However, the quiz questions will grow challenging as level increases.

Trivia Royale

Currently, Trivia Royale is on the iOS store and will be released shortly on Android port as well.

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