Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Crossed 60 M Lifetime Sales

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According to the latest data from Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch has crossed 60 million lifetime sales. The company had a sale of 2.62 million sales of only handheld Switch Lite and 3.05 million sales of the original Nintendo console whereas the hybrid console has crossed 61.44 million-unit sales.

The total Nintendo Hardware/Software Unit Sales:

Nintendo Switch

The total Nintendo Switch Platform Unit Sales:

Nintendo Switch

The Switch hardware sale is 61.44 million units and the Switch software sale is at 406.67 million units. After achieving a 60 million mark recently, the company has sold 4 X times consoles when comparing Wii U the predecessor which was 13.56 million units.


The company is planning to forecast an approximate sale of 19 million for 2021 which will interestingly take the overall sales to 75 million units.



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