Over 300,000 Users Hacked on Nintendo Switch

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During this COVID-19 Pandemic, People are using Switch® more than ever. With over 55 million devices sold and being out of stock everywhere, sales and demands of Nintendo® Switch are skyrocketing.

Due to this popularity, it has now become a prime target amongst the consoles for hackers. In April 2020, Nintendo® revealed that around 160,000 account of Nintendo® were hacked. These numbers have almost doubled this week as the actual number of account hacked are closer to 300,000.

This issue particularly applies to anyone connecting to the switch their old Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Network ID or NNID. Nintendo® also uses a program called the Nintendo Account, although the company allowed those with current NNIDs to connect to their new Nintendo Account.

If your account has been breached, you might receive an email on your associated Nintendo® Account.

Nintendo® announced that the break is under investigation and this issue will be resolved sson. Until then, Nintendo® said it no longer allows NNID logins on the Switch®.

“As a further precaution,” the company said, “we will soon contact users about resetting passwords for Nintendo Network IDs and Nintendo Accounts that we have reason to believe were accessed without authorization.”

Source: Business Insider

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