Call of Duty Warzone has excelled 30 million players

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(Image Credit: Activision)

In just less than 2 weeks of its release, Call of Duty Warzone has topped to reach 30 million players. Warzone was released on March 10 and is 17th title among all other Call of Duty franchise followed by Modern Warfare, Black Ops 4.


This makes Call of Duty: Warzone to be the fastest growing titles in the gaming industry. Back in February 2019, ‘Apex Legends’ was also successful to reach 25 Million players after its first week release.


Activision stated this news over twitter on Friday;


COD twitter image

As this new battle royale warzone is free-to-play multiplayer game. Therefore, players need not subscribe to PlayStation Plus, they only have to download 18-22GB and can access this game.


Warzone comprises two game modes, ‘Plunder and Battle Royale’.


All thanks to gamers from worldwide who are indoors because of work from home policies and novel coronavirus pandemic. As the current situation is likely to get more worse the popularity of game will only increase in coming days.


This game is available on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and still has a long way to go to break all the milestones soon.

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