COD: Modern Warfare

COD: Modern Warfare season 4 trailer out now!

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The season 3 of Call of Duty is going to bundle up within a week and Infinity Ward and Activision are here with another bang on the season. COD: Modern Warfare season 4 is ready to officially release on Wednesday, 3rd June. Season 4 will continue the story of terrorism in the city of Verdansk and will bring Captain Price back. Well, Captain Price and Kyle will be the new operators for the 4th season while the former being the main character.

COD: Modern Warfare

The new season 4 will also introduce another Battle Pass, new free maps, and several other characteristics such as cosmetic items, weapons: The Vector and the Galil, and more. The Galil is close to AK-47 with good control whereas Vector has high accuracy stats. In this season developers are also introducing Scrapyard map.

Check out COD: Modern Warfare season 4- The Story So Far:

Call of Duty: Modern Wardare ‘Warzone’ will release on all platforms such as Playstation4, PC, and Xbox One. However, there is no official confirmation of all the mentioned characteristics. So, stay tuned with us to get the full update in the future by subscribing to us here.


Source: Call of Duty