Dark Mod

The Dark Mod 2.08 Update Released

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The Dark Mod 2.08 update is out now for all the game fans. It is a free, standalone game developed using the old Doom 3 engine, in the spirit of the old Thief series. It’s a complex stealth games system, some of creeping and taking more than just shooting and jumping. This game holds alive the initial tradition of stealth gameplay.

The Dark Mod 2.08 Update:

  • The latest version involves several changes for the source code of the title, upgrading many basic renderer problems in OpenGL 3.1 improvements and modern functionality.


  • Now the game is a lot nicer with beautiful visuals, better AI and gameplay, proper mapping and performance.


  • TDM 2.08 update brings new background audio for players when moving through ropes and ladders.


Improvements like this are important to TDM as it is less of a complete game and more like a huge toolkit used to create missions by following a set of rules.

TDM 2.08

TDM 2.08 is also the debut of a new mission named The Painter’s Wife, a multi-year partnership inside the Dark Mod group of popular mappers.


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