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Deathmatch Mode Is Introduced in Shadow Arena

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According to the recent announcement, the 5v5 Deathmatch Mode is introduced in Shadow Arena. This new mode will allow a maximum of 10 players to split into 2 groups of red or blue teams and battle against each other. The goal of the team is to hit 30 kills within 20 minutes and whichever team does first will win the battle. If players die before HP is hit, they are able to regenerate after 10 seconds, and during this cooldown, they will move to another hero.

Deathmatch Mode

How to Play Deathmatch Mode?

  • Select a hero of your choice and receive blue-grade gear and 13 skill points.
  • As soon as any 2 players enter the game lobby, the game will start. As the game starts, on a total of 10 players can enter the game lobby, segmented into 2 teams called red team and blue team.
  • The players have to make sure that they are on time to game lobby as they cannot enter a match after 20 minutes.
  • Tree Spirit appeal to an adorable NPC in eastern, western, southern, and northern regions. If you stand by it, you can recover 10,000 HP.
  • After restoring your HP, the NPC will expand and collapse all its power. After 1 minute, it will restore all healing powers.

Shadow Arena New Update- Deathmatch Mode:

Shadow Arena has a new object “Freeze Bomb.” The Freeze Bomb is very harmful to close enemies and freezes opponents for 3 seconds. This new item can be accomplished by beating monsters at a specified pace and tossed in the direction that is wanted while standing still.


A new event called “Perfect Time for Shadow Arena” is also coming soon where players can earn special rewards and Hero Pass on successfully completing battles.


Choose your action heroes and get ready to fight rivals in a strong PvP combat arena Deathmatch Mode with numerous weapons including swords, traps, arrows, shields, etc. The goal is to defeat opponents who are competitive in MMO’s open world with their skill combos. Check this game on Steam here.



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