Division 2-Spawn Point

Grab Division 2 for Free This Weekend

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Ubisoft has just announced that players will get Division 2 all-free in this coming weekend. Players can play this epic game at no cost from 24th September to 28th September. Earlier, Ubisoft has hosted a full free week in February 2020 and October 2019.


One of the interesting things is that players can take the game from where they left last time and would not need to play all through the initial game for another time. If you liked this game to stroll on Washington DC’s streets, then now is the perfect time to try your hands on.

Watch the story trailer of Division 2 here:

Ubisoft is also giving away a huge discount in many other games and if you want to buy the entire game of Division 2 then collect this game in the coming weekend for up to 85% off. All players need to visit Uplay, or the Epic Games Store, for free weekend access on a PC and can play through PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia which also supports cross-play with PC.

Division 2- Spawn Point

The final version of the game includes all game features. This includes the extension of the New York Warlords. However, it’s also advisable to play Division 2 for several hours before the end of the discount sale and complete the game before September 28, 2020. If the game title impresses with its fun gameplay, you can switch to the official website to purchase the game for 85% off.



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