Last Oasis

Last Oasis Brings a New Update

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Donkey Crew’s Last Oasis has developed fairly after having a tragic start at launch because of bad servers. But now, Last Oasis’ recent update is out bringing more stability to the game. The recent update includes a new volcanic map with new species of fauna across lava plains.


The game is a nomadic survival MMO with new war mechanics. Players can choose diverse weapons, armors, and tools to create an entertaining online world. The makers have also brought reserved server slots for proxy owners. Lava bombs, floating mines, and explosive ammo are designed to modify  traditional war battles.

Check Last Oasis Volcanic Update here:

Key Features of Last Oasis:

  • Volcanic Map- This new update brings a unique set of dangers in open fields, rock fields, and scorching lava lakes. It covers new enemies and rare resources to fight against enemies.


  • Volcanic Weapons- Several volcanic weapons are added that are created mainly from obsidian. These armors are sharp, strong and could lose their strength only to iron.


  • Killin- Killin is the new flying beast for nomadic fauna that soar high in the sky. They are extremely powerful and dangerous.


  • Domus Walker- Domus is a huge bunker on the ground, covered by solid doors and walls all over to protect nomads in oases.


  • Furniture Pack- It will pack a relaxing experience for the players sitting or riding a walker. It includes fire goblets, candles, chairs, tables, and more.
Features of Last Oasis

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Last Oasis

Grab your Swords and get ready to scavenge!


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