Rocket League- Spawn Point

Play Rocket League Free From 23rd September

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The game developer, Psyonix has revealed that one of the most anticipated soccer game Rocket League is going free-to-play from 23rd September. They have also announced that after September 23rd the game will not be available on Steam but the players who already own the game will receive the content update and features update in the future through cross-platform availability.


There is also one interesting announcement by the company that if anyone buys the game before the free sale then the company will give them all in-game rewards, 200+ in-game items, branded DLC which can be used to customize the features of vehicles.


The company has also confirmed that the players don’t need any PS4 or Switch subscription to play this game. But Xbox One users need a Live Gold membership plan to access and play the game.

Watch Rocket League Cinematic Trailer here:

Features of Rocket League Game:

  • The game debut for the first time on Epic Games Store.
  • New Tournaments and quests are included
  • Rocket Pass of season 1 is returning soon
  • Availability of 2 new packs namely Endo Starter Pack, Jager Pack
Rocket League-Spawn Point

Rocket League is a highly acclaimed soccer game with easy physics-driven gameplay mechanics. The game has different game modes with both casual matches and tournaments. It will be free-to-play on Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from 23rd September. For all new assets click here.


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