New Map Paramo-Spawn Point

PUBG Getting New Map Paramo in Season 9

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PUBG Corp. is launching Season 9 later this month on PC on 21st October and Console on 29th October. The PUBG season 8 will end soon as the new season 9 will begin, it will run for only 2 months and will feature special event mode and a New Map Paramo, a separate season pass and, much more.


As we know the game had an enormous fan base in India but because of the recent ban of the game in India, the Indian fans will lose this new season 9 and will definitely miss out on the new season.

Explore PUBG New Map Paramo Season 9 Teaser here:

PUBG New Map Paramo is the most special map till now as it is located on the plateau of Paramo. This new map will give players a thrilling experience with new challenges and intense combat. Earlier Karakin map was introduced in Season 6, the Vikendi map in Season 7, and now the Paramo map in Season 9.


Season 9 will launch with Update 9.1 which will come with a Season Pass. Buy the pass to get exclusive incentives. The 9th Pass is devoted to Paramo’s rich culture and aesthetics. This pass has, however, been modified for the short season. The second pass starts with Update 9.2 and focuses on a notorious PUBG character.


PUBG is available to play on all major platforms such as PC, PS 4, Xbox One, and Mobile. Stay tuned with us for more game spills and updates.


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