Alien: Isolation game

Sega’s Alien: Isolation on Sale for $2

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One of the greatest horror game Alien: Isolation is offering 95 percent off sale from its normal $39.99 price on Steam which is equal to $2/£1 or 42 Rupees in Indian currency.

In case if you are unaware of this amazing title, Alien: Isolation is the best survival horror game of 2014 available on PC. It features Amanda the Ellen Ripley’s daughter who gets trapped inside a space station with some troublesome angry aliens.

This game has excellent level design and appreciable AI models to make players go crazy. With its electrifying game-plays and breathless audio-visuals Alien: Isolation has always been special since.

Users can find other Alien Bundle games on sale for a limited time too, like Alien vs Predator a 2010 game, Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection a 2013 game, etc at 80 percent off. 

Check out the Alien: Isolation on Steam and grab it sooner before you run out of the sale.

Credits: Sega and Nintendo