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Shadow Arena Game Announced New Hero Lahn

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The free-to-play title, Shadow Arena game has revealed a new hero named ‘Lahn’-the goddess of Vengeance in the game. The character Lahn is a warrior who carries super armor Crescent Pendulum and Noble Sword as the main weapon. This character update is available from 2nd July.


Lahn has combat style to blow away her rivals and finish them off from a long range of distance which would give her an upper hand in the war. Her inherent skills are Orchid’s Dance, Winter Petal, Hell Flower, Death’s Crossing, and Nimbus Stride.


The Nimbus Stride allows Lahn to travel through the air and her last skill is Pendulum Kick. Players can play with a various combo of Lahn skill sets to hit and cause extra damage to the enemy. Other than this, the new update adds historic weapons, cheer features, weapon tweaks and overall gameplay improvements.

Watch Shadow Arena Game Trailer:

Shadow Arena game is now in Early Access on Steam. Players who download the game will get hero Jordine Lucas for free and a hero selection coupon. Players who have a great skill set now have an opportunity to take part in Shadow Arena Asia Solo Regional Cup which will begin on 22nd July.

Shadow Arena Game

Brace yourself to survive the Arena,

And Fight hard to become a Hero!      


Visit the official website for more details.


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