Marvel Avengers War Table

Sneak Peek to Marvel Avengers Third War Table

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Square Enix has released the Marvel Avengers Third War Table to give out details of the game ahead of its launch that is on September 4 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Google Stadia. Previously also the creators of Marvel Avengers have revealed the main villain MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) and hero Hawkeye.

Marvel Avengers Third War Table

Watch the Launch Week Marvel Avengers Third War Table here:

The player would be able to team up with three mates in order to cope with the AIM’s Secret Lab, a project that can only be reached when it exceeds the full strength of the game. The AIM Secret Lab will be available once a week depending on how well the teams perform the entire mission.


The Marvel Avengers Third War Table also announced a new hero, Kate Bishop, a new villain and new mystery which will be involved in the initiative of Avengers Game. All players will get the Marvel Avengers heroes and characters once the entire story-play move forward.


The game comprises Hero Missions and War Zone. Hero missions can be played by single-player whereas War Zone can be played in a group of a maximum four or can also be played solo. The game is designed to give out a seamless and rich experience while discovering unique abilities and skills.

The game will also be available to next-generation consoles such as PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X after the launch of both of the consoles in 2020. There is also the availability of cross-platform i.e. players who own the current versions of consoles can easily upgrade to future-generation consoles i.e. from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 with no cost and can continue playing where they have left.



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