Steam This time at 22 Million Concurrent Users Peak

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This Digital Video Gaming platform is breaking all its previous records with a wide margin. As gamers stay indoors due to coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Steam has hit a new peak of concurrent online users count of 22 million. Which is considered 10 % more than the last week. The top games are CS:GO, Dota 2.


This rise in games is due to the social isolation among people, lockout in major regions all over the world and quarantine cases. With more and more world likely to enter lockdowns over the coming days, we expect a considerable hike in numbers that steam will continue to break.


People now switch to internet and specifically playing games to kill the time. Apart from steam there are other gaming platforms like Epic Games, origin, Uplay and more. With so many options available, still steam is breaking its record in the sea of competition.


Another issue is the network outrage on the website because of the massive users account. With more of lockdowns in the coming days, steam will experience a blast in future with millions and millions of users very soon.