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Valorant’s Ultra Skin Set Revealed!

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Yesterday, Valorant released its most epic ultra skin reveal trailer on Youtube. This skin set is named as ‘Elderflame’ .This skin set will blow you mind away not only visually but also by its price. It appears that Valorant’s ultra skin set will cost you around $100. What comes with it you ask? A dragon. Need we say more?


Watch the official Skin Reveal Trailer here!

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After watching the reveal, we were amazed by the details done on the dragon skin for player’s gun. Apparently, you will receive a dragon knife from ‘Elderflame’ as well. Overall, Valorant has 5 tiers of skins available for purchase: Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra & Exclusive. And now, Ultra Edition will be topping the charts.

Valorant’s Ultra Skin Set Revealed!

Valorant’s Ultra Skin Set Revealed! - 1

About Valorant :

Valorant is a FPS tactical shooter free-to-play multiplayer game developed and published by Riot Games. Valorant was released on October 2019 with a tentative title ‘Project A’. A player joins the game in either parties, attacking or defending. Each team member called ‘Agents’ have unique abilities when it comes to being in a team. The attacking team will have to plant a bomb named ‘Spike’ at a site in the map and the defending team has to stop or diffuse the bomb. Total of 24 rounds are played and the most rounds won by a team is declared winner.


Watch its official gameplay preview here.

Image: Wallpaper Cave

Source: PC Gamer

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