Video Games coming to Epic Games Store in 2020 (Part-II)

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Some of the video games mentioned below have previously being released on Stadia and consoles. These are some of the amazing games estimated to come later in the year 2020.

1. Diabolical- Release Date: June,2020

This game is a fun free-to-play shooter game that make players control Eggbots altogether. Diabolical consist of several modes like 5v5, 1v1, 2v2 arenas. It allows shooters to shoot opponent in one shoot and can access multiple weapons. Players can also customize their Eggbot with stickers.

2. Settlers- Release Date: Spring 2020

It is a city-building game. This game revolves around a group of people seeking to build homes after a seismic destruction of their native by an earthquake. This game can be played all alone or by enabling multiplayer mode. It has an old game-play with some new features.

3. Sludge Life- Release Date: Spring 2020

Sludge Life is a first-person open world game. The storyline of this game revolves around people who create deliberate destruction or damage in an island. The fun thing about this game is the availability of fart button. Players can also smoke cigarettes and can play video games inside a video game.

4. Among Trees- Release Date: Summer 2020

This game is a survival game where players do their best to stay alive. Player needs to search for woods, food and do fishing to collect all eatables and have to avoid dangerous beasts using stealth. The players also have keys to relax in a cabin after all the adventurous activities.

5. Samurai Showdown- Release Date: Spring 2020

It is a fighter game series designed and created with the original events happened in 1993’s Samurai Showdown and Samurai Showdown V. This game consists of high-quality visuals and amazing game mechanics.

It’s interesting to note that how developers choose the Epic Games Store as their primary PC platform. You can play all these games by visiting the Epic Games Store Official Website.

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