Doom Eternal-Spawn Point

Doom Eternal Coming to Xbox Game Pass

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According to the source, Doom Eternal is heading to Xbox Game Pass on October 1. Xbox Game Pass has seen a huge surge in subscribers from the first quarter of 2020. Recently it got 15 million subscribers which is a huge achievement for the company.

This was possible only because of Microsoft’s huge promotions to create hype for next-generation consoles and news about the game name. Since Xbox Game Pass shared a playful screenshot for the users, speculation has come about.

Doom Eternal-Spawn Point

What’s the hype? Doom Eternal on its way!

Doom Eternal will be added to the Xbox Pass on the launch day, and on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. players can play that game title. But the PC player must have to wait a little more for this much-anticipated game title. However, the Xbox Game Pass has already added Red Dead Redemption 2, Nier: Automata, and some other major game titles to the game library.


Stay tuned with us for more future game updates & spills!


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