Playstation® 5 Family Big Reveal

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Finally, it’ here! After almost 7 years since PS4® was launched. Sony has revealed a new Playstation® family to us. It was delayed from June 4th to June 11th due to protests in USA.

PS5® was talk of the town since last year and people were eagerly waiting for the big launch. Although this event was online, but it was indeed one of its kind. From new console to new games trailers, everything was on point. Out of 26 games showcased, 21 on the are Playstation exclusive.


Let’s dive into the some details of PS5®:

  1. 1.Console: It is beautifully designed with a futuristic touch of white and black finished with blue highlight. A USB-A and USB-C ports in front with a SSD performing 5.5GB/s. It is truly a next-gen console.  

o   Eight Core AMD Zen 2 Processor

o   AMD RDNA-2 (Custom) GPU

o   825 GB SSD

o   8K Resolution Output

o   4K UHD Blu-ray Drive

        It will be released in 2 versions; one with a 4K Blu-Ray Drive and other is pure digital.

Image Courtesy : Sony
PS 5 2 Spawn Point

2. Dual Sense Remote Controller: Although we got a good glimpse of the Dual Sense Remote on April 7th this year but, what is a controller if you can’t see it do the things its designed to do. It’s radically different from previous version if PS® controllers. It’s has a 2-tone theme along with LED Lightbar surrounding the touchpad. The battery is lighter and more powerful than any of the previous version, but the expected battery life is under question until users gives us ground results.


Image Courtesy : Sony
PS 5 3 Spawn Point

     3. Other Family Members of PS5®: Pulse 3d Wireless Headset, Media Remote, DualSense Charging Station and a New HD Camera.


       Image Courtesy : Sony

PS 5 4 Spawn Point

The event was a stunning journey, but the exact release date and price are still not confirmed. The reveal not only satisfied many Playstation® fans around the globe but also gave plenty of meme content. Brace yourself.