Playstation® 5 Event Tomorrow, What to Expect?

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After the event being postponed due to protests in USA, Sony has confirmed its online event for June 11. Although this event is pre-taped program but will be broadcasted in 1080p at 30 FPS. Youtube and Twitch are the only platforms where you can watch it.

With over 25 years for Playstation® and a huge success of PS4, Sony is aiming higher and pushing the boundaries to deliver the best experience for everyone. They have already shared some insides about PS5 such as technical specifications, DualSense wireless controller but everyone is waiting for a live gameplay. We did get a glimpse for the gameplay when Unreal Engine released its new game engine but still wasn’t enough for the Playstation® of fanbase.

PS5 2

This digital showcase will run for more than an hour and we all will be experiencing a very first virtual Playstation® event. The event will start on June 11th at 1AM IST / 9PM BST on Youtube and Twitch only. And yes, headphones are recommended in this event as it will take the experience to another level which speakers won’t be able to do.

Tune in to Spawn Point News for after updates if you miss any. We are excited, are you?


Source : Playstation® Blog

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