Mafia III

The Definitive Edition of Mafia III with issues

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The Definitive Edition of Mafia III: lacks PS4 Pro & Xbox One X enhancements. However, the development team of the game is working behind to restore the things to normal support for Sony and Microsoft’s enhanced consoles.

Check out the Definitive Edition of Mafia III

Well, the Definitive Edition was released a week before with the remaster of Mafia: II and unfortunately, they missed out enhancements on high-end consoles. As a result, the game is running at 900p on Xbox One X rather than 1728p which is a high downfall. On the other side, with the downgrade of the game, players are also commenting about the blurry visuals. While the remake of Mafia: I will release in August.


Let’s hope the issues get fixed sooner and Mafia: III game restore to normal gameplay.

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Source: Reddit

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