Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo on PS5

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Epic Games recently revealed it’s next-gen tech-demo in their engine. The video describes how Unreal Engine took its game engine and converted it into a next-gen game engine, using film-quality visual assets and effective lighting.

Check the Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo here:

The 2 major aspects which Epic Games worked on Unreal Engine are:

  • Dynamic Global Illumination – This system is called as Lumin. With Lumen you can change the bounce of the light at your ease. In short, you can have control over Fully Dynamic Lighting and Global Illumination.


                                                                                  Lumen Enabled:

Unreal Game Engine

                                                                               Lumen Disabled:

  • Virtualized & Limitless Geometry – This new tech is called as Nanite. It has made an artist’s work easy as they don’t have to waste their time over poly counts, draw calls, memory. Unreal Engine will directly use a film quality asset in this engine which will make a huge difference. Artists will now be able to import ZBrush Model, Photogrammetry Scan, CAD data without wasting time, creating LED’s or compromising the quality for better FPS.
Unreal Engine

In each frame, over a billion triangles of source geometry crunches nanite down to 20 million drawn triangles.

Other Key Features:

  • New functionality added to run fluid simulation more gracefully.
  • Increased animation system such as added predicted foot placement and motion warping which dynamically modifies IK and Body Position to give it more natural look.
  • The character to look more realistically interactive with the environment, this engine is added with the ability trigger seamless contextual animation.
  • This engine will user cinematic version assets instead of game version assets to give it more surreal look.
  • Even the Virtual Texturing uses 8K textures.
  • Nanite can render huge number of triangles very quickly.
Unreal Engine Game

Epic Games is doing a lot for development. It not only makes games easier, faster and cheaper to produce will probably also help in eliminating crunch culture from the industry.

Credits: Unreal Engine, Epic Games.

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