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eFootball 2022 Rated Overwhelmingly Negative On Steam

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eFootball 2022 might be the most hated sports game, ever?

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, popularly known as PES had underwent a name change recently. The game released as eFootball 2022 on September 30, 2021.

With its release, it became clear that the name wasn’t the only thing that underwent a change. The game is riddled with deficiencies in its development and is entirely bug ridden. Frustrated fans, especially those that have been accessing the game via Steam have been sharing their disappointments and frustrations for anyone to hear.

The negative reviews have been touching on every aspect of the game, with some outright calling it a mobile game”, while others are saying that “the game lacks content”. Criticisms are also abundant about the game’s engine, the lags in the game, and last but not the least, the game’s graphics, which are funny at best and atrocious at worst.

eFootball 2022 Official Launch Trailer

Two days since its release, Steam250, a site dedicated towards tracking the worst reviewed games on Steam by calculating the percentage difference, has declared that eFootball 2022 currently holds the status of the “worst rated” game on the platform. At the time of writing this article, the game had only a meagre nine percent positive votes out the 10,356 reviews it has gotten, so far. At this rate, the game could very well end up becoming the most hated sport video game of all times.

eFootball 2022 developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment is a free to play football game. It is the latest addition to the franchise formerly known as the PES Series. The developers had decided to not release PES 2021 in order to devote more of their time to the game. However, it seems as if they could have done better had they chosen to take more time to polish the game, as, in its current state the game is sorely lacking.

eFootball 2022 released on September 30, 2021. The game is currently available for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Source: Steam250