Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 Now Out For PC

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After the release of Hunting Simulator 2 game on PS4 and Xbox One, NACON has released the Simulator game on PC. All the PC gamers can play this game via Steam. The game is designed to give you the most promising hunting experience with spectacular graphics and audio effects.


The game is framed in the flora and fauna of Europe and the United States, where you need to find 33 animal species with your hunting dog. Players can select hunting dog (Labrador retriever, German, or Beagle) based on the requirement as each dog carries specific behaviors and powers for hunting.


The advanced artificial intelligence has played a remarkable role in this game, portraying the realistic characteristics of each animal species.

Watch The Launch Trailer of Hunting Simulator 2 Here:

In Hunting Simulator 2 players can explore meadows, grassland, forest, desert, marshlands and more. There are over 75 weapons and accessories to choose from and can help them imply suitable hunting techniques. There are also around 90 apparel pieces recreated from professional brands in the sport namely, Winchester, Browning, kryptek, and more.

Hunting Simulator 2

Head out for the hunting adventure today!




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