Into the Radius

Into the Radius Leaves Early Access!

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The CM Games have called off the VR ‘s survival shooter game after the successful performance improvements of Into the Radius. The early access was launched on Steam’s, Oculus Shop, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and more.


The game encourages VR play, offering hours of re-playable content, to challenge players to master the realistic handling of weapons and arms, gameplay based on survival, and exploring storytelling throughout the game.

Watch Into the Radius Trailer here:

Features of Into the Radius Game:

  • New missions and locations
  • Captivating Sound & Music
  • High Performance
  • Cosmos Support
  • Replaced map Transitions
  • Disabled Virtual Stock
  • 5 New weapons- AK74, AK74M, AK74-U, VSS Vintorez, AS VAL
  • Cheaper Ammo and more
Into the Radius

The game is inspired by the sci-fi novel ‘Roadside Picnic’. It is now available on Steam, Oculus Store, and the Humble Store. The new players can opt for a 30% discount from 20th-26th July concerning its release.



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