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Rocket Arena is Now Live!!

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Rocket Arena has now officially been launched on PC, PS4 & Xbox. Published by Electronic Arts and developed by Final Strike Games, Rocket Arena was launched on 14th July 2020. With the official launch, every character trailer has also been released. The characters are called as ‘Heroes’ and all possesses unique characteristics, abilities, playstyle and their own signature rocket launchers.

“It’s time to wake and smell the rocket fuel.”

Watch the official trailer here!

Watch the official Character trailer here!

Rocket Arena is Now Live!!

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Rocket Arena is a third person shooter online game where the players are divided into 3v3 teams. Apart from the unique characters and own signature moves, the usp of this game is that every weapon in the game is a rocket. Overall, Rocket Arena has 10 playable characters with their own unique moves and abilities. Although every characters’ weapon is a rocket but what sets them apart is the unique type of ammunition with their own effects such as spear rockers are slower punched but makes a powerful impact on the enemy. Rocket Arena also supports cross-platform play.

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Each character in Rocket Arena will have access also to special objects, some offensive and some defensive as well as some mix of the two, which are all about their individual conceptions, to prove that rockets are not (quite) anything.

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