Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena Launches on Xbox One

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The first-person, action game from Final Strike Games, Rocket Arena launches on Xbox One. It is an explosive 3v3 shooter game that publishes through the EA Originals program. The game preview with gameplay and charismatic art style was shown in the EA Play Live 2020.


The gameplay of Rocket Arena lets players master the rockets and use items and gadgets that will help to ace the battle. There are 10 powerful heroes available now and the rockets of each character fire differently. Players can pick heroes each with diverse personalities and styles. It uses a different gameplay mechanics called blast meters to kill enemies.

Rocket Arena

Game Modes & Maps of Rocket Arena

The Rocket Arena releases with different 5 game modes (4PVP and 1 PVE) and with teams of 3 such as 3V3 mode, Knockout, Rocketball, Mega Rocket, and Treasure Hunt.


It has come with dynamic 10 maps combined with tricks, traps like Apogee Acres, Frostwind Grove, Golden Zephyr, Hypersonic Heights, Icefall Keep, Megadon Junction, Shimmering Depths, Star of Crater, Stompy’s Refuge, and Temples of Jaaqua.

Watch Rocket Arena Official Trailer:

The Final Strike Games released this game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The first season of the game will kick off on July 28 with new maps and in-game events. Lastly, it is a must-play game with customizable play styles, competitive action, and recovery mechanics with a new shooter experience.

Are you ready to ride your rocket?  blast off all rivals rule the arena!

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Source: EA


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