Wave Break

Wave Break Releases on Google Stadia

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The world’s first arcade skateBOATING Game Wave Break releases on Google Stadia. This game is an online multi-player developed by Funktronic Labs. It is available at $29.99 in the Google Stadia store.


If anyone missing Tony Hawk’s Pro skateboarding game, then the Wave Break arcade skating game is for you!


The game environment is inspired by an 80s Miami inspired world. It has a fresh soundtrack all throughout the gameplay with freakish characters.

Watch Wave Break Launch Trailer here:

Features of Wave Break game:

  • Online and Local Multi-player- Players can play this game in a local campaign or battle against other players online.


  • Diverse Game Modes- It has diverse game modes to showcase your skills such as Time Attack, Deathmatch, Turf War.


  • Amazing Soundtrack- It has a piece of original music “High Tides” which is inspired by 80s soundtracks.


To listen to Wave Break: High Tides

Visit: Game soundtrack


  • Customizations- Purchase boats, accessories, skins, and trendy fashions to doll up your characters. Players can also hit the gym to pull off styles.


  • SkateBOATING moves- Perform physics-defying skateBOATING moves to shoot your opponents down and elevate your score.
Wave Break

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