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The Longest Drift Game Released on iOS

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Tepes Ovidiu, an Indie developer has released its Game titled ‘The Longest Drift Game’ on iOS devices. This latest mobile game is a blend of puzzle-adventure with a lot of excitement and fun gameplay. The game promises a beautiful and mysterious tale that is available on the App Store now at just $2.33.

The Longest Drift Game: Storyline

It centers on a woman looking for her missing husband and son, who disappeared mysteriously a while ago. Her quest takes her to a small village where the roads are dangerous, so she must perfect her driving skills if she wants to drive fast, solving different puzzles, and discovering new developments in her journey.


Players must test their driving abilities on the dirt roads and to discover new dangers as players advance through the game, such as icy paths and hard turns to really confuse. Through the radio feature, players can also enjoy and adapt to some good soundtrack to enrich the adventure of play.

Features of The Longest Drift Game:

  • Soothing soundtrack
  • 6 Chapter story
  • Endless ‘Zen’ mode
  • No ads & in-app purchases
  • Simple controls & gameplay



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