Zombie Puzzles Quest

Zombie Puzzles Quest is Live on Android

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Zombie Puzzles Quest is a strategy mobile game that is based on zombie-theme. It is now live for all Android users and players can download the game from the Google Play Store. In this game, players need to build cutting-edge equipment to conquer quests and fight with enemies.

Watch Zombie Puzzles Quest Trailer here:

The gameplay revolves around a deathly virus epidemic spread around the world. Nearly all humanity has turned to Zombies. To escape the destruction, your aim is to guide followers from this. Players along with their allies have to create a combination of strategy to survive this deadly phase.  

Zombie Puzzles Quest

The player’s role is to be a commander and explore the apocalyptic world, hunt for supplies, and build a sanctuary, or a place for the survivors and finally solve match-3 puzzles. Play this Zombie theme mobile game here.

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