Word Pop Game

Zynga Unveils Word Pop Game for Alexa

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Zynga one of the popular mobile game publisher recently announced a new word game to Alexa. The Zynga unveils Word Pop Game for Amazon’s Alexa service. The words are taken from the heavenly popular words with friends. This game is designed to improve the word- building skills and is fun to play with friends and family.

Check out the trailer of Word Pop Game here:

How to Play Words with Alexa?

If you own an Alexa device such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show then you can ask Alexa to open a Word Pop game. This game is based on a voice-controlled experience where Amazon’s Alexa will challenge you to create words within a particular time limit.


All players must spell-out the word to solve word puzzles. Players will earn points based on the length and number of words found.

Word Pop Game

The makers are thrilled to experiment this game to a mass audience as even after ten years people are still not over Words with Friends. Both Amazon and Zynga worked together to create this game.



 Are you a fan of Words with Friends?



Then this free-to-play game title is for you. Download this game from the App Store and Google Play Store.


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