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All About Raid Battles in Pokémon Go !

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Yesterday, Ninatic introduced Pokémon Go players with a new form of co-op battle named ‘Raid Battle’. You can now invite your friends to this newly introduced Raid Battles. Pokémon Go announced that to have the ability to invite other players remotely, you must be above level 40. Regardless of the location, player will be able to invite 5 players to participate in Raid Battle. Pokémon Go has made sure the implementation of the complex process is easy for the user.

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What is Raid Battle in Pokémon Go?

A Raid Battle is co-op gameplay feature which allows the players (Trainers) invite other players (Trainers) to defeat an extremely powerful enemy who is know as the Raid Boss. A huge egg will be shown on top of the gym before the raid battle begins. The raid boss is revealed when the number above the egg hits zero. Also, there’s an EX Raid battle, a rare attack called an invitation-only attack. A trainer is informed with an EX Raid Pass to access the Raid, along with the time, date and location.

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What do players think about this Raid Battle?

Due to COVID-19, the solo Raid Battles were fading away and to bring every Pokémon Go player together virtually co-op Raid Battles were introduced. This remote Raid Battle has got players happy as the implementation is easy and now it is much easier for player to play from home during this pandemic. Many users found it difficult to acquire or defeat the Raid Boss alone and this new feature has just brought Pokémon Go back in the league.

Thus, we can confirm that this game has evolved into something better. What do you think about Pokémon Go Raid Battle? Will you give it a try? Id you already have, did you like it? Let us know below in the comment section.

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