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AirConsole Gives Free Access to All Games Due to COVID-19

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AirConsole, the world’s biggest casual gaming platform, today revealed that in a fresh effort to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, it would allow everybody free access to all their video games till November 30th.


The number of cases in Europe and elsewhere in the world is increasing again due to the second wave of coronavirus. AirConsole from Swiss gaming is doing its utmost to support millions of gamers in quarantine worldwide through its free access to all games.


All About AirConsole:

It is a cloud-based console that you can use from anywhere through the Android TV or Web Browser and use smartphones as gamepads with no additional hardware. It offers a complete video game console experience with over 160+ game titles collection.


The company has also given its free game access during the first lockdown and kept millions of people entertained. To get access to free game titles install the app on the iOS or Android device through AppStore and Google Store or visit the official website for more details.



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