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Apex Legends Hits Steam on November 4, Switch Version Delayed!

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Respawn Entertainment and EA have recently given out 2 updates of the release of Apex Legends on both platforms i.e. Nintendo Switch and Steam. This first-person shooter battle royale game is arriving soon on Steam on November 4 with the launch of season 7, Champion Edition. However, the official release of the switch version of the game is delayed till 2021.

Apex Legends: Launch Update

New players can easily access the game on Steam and the players who have previously played the game on Origin can try their hands-on Steam. The overall progression of players and points can carry forward between the two platforms.


For the delay of switch version, the makers released an official statement that the game development team needs more time in making the game to provide the optimal quality to the game that drives seamless experience to players. The switch and PC version will support cross-platform play with updated seasonal content and features timely.


The Season 7 ‘Champion Edition’ releasing on November 7 includes Apex Coins, skins for multiple characters namely; Crypto, Wraith, and Revenant. Download the game now on Origin, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One to experience the Fight or Fright event which features Halloween-themed accessories and cosmetics.



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