Operation Broken Fang-Spawn-Point

Check What’s New in CS: GO Operation Broken Fang

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CS: GO Operation Broken Fang has introduced a new case, brand new weapons, agent skins, and also added glove collection to the game. The agent skin is readily available and can be picked independently in the workshop and Broken Weapon Case can be bought from the operation shop with stars, whereas gloves are available from the Broken Fang Weapon Case.

Watch CS: GO–Operation Broken Fang here:

CS: Go – Operation Broken Fang also introduces a new RETAKES mode that pits four counter-terrorists against three terrorists. This mode can be played by all players for eight rounds and weapons can be picked from a load-out card. Other mode includes Broken Fang Premier Mode that can be accessed via the Operation Pass.


The game features 7 exclusive maps, an operation shop, weapons, graffiti, stickers, and weekly missions in order to earn operation stars.



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