COVID-19 Boosts Indian Gaming Industry

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After over 60 days of quarantine, India is all set to re-open few industries to stabilize the economy. During these time of quarantine, many people had to go through some of the major changes in their lifestyle. Many of the industries such as automobiles, transport, Bollywood faced a massive fall in their sales. On the brighter side, gaming industry in India has seen around 21% of increased user engagement in this period of lockdown.


Gaming industry in India is finally outshining not only in terms of user acquisition but also in sales. The report found that visits to online gaming websites or apps rose by 24 per cent between 10-16 February 2020 and 16-22 March 2020, with a 21-per cent increase in time spent on gaming sites or apps.

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Gaming in India is not only a medium of entertainment, it has started to bring people together virtually. People are now showing interest in multiplayer games like never before.

Not all credit goes to COVID-19, in Jan 2020, an estimated number of smartphone users were more than 500 million. This trend will grow massively over the period of time as people in India are recognizing the depth and potential of gaming industry.

Games such as PUBG, Ludo King, Teen Patti and FreeFire are playing a major role in this change. Currently, Indian gaming industry is estimated valued at $930 million and expected to annually growth at 41% till year 2024.