Destiny 2- Spawn-Point

Destiny 2 Cheat Service is Shut Down by Bungie

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Destiny 2 cheat service which included aimbot, teleport, etc to play sci-fi shooter game on PC is shut down by the developer Bungie recently. The developer company has made a statement that the product is violating the license agreement and therefore decided to cease the product from selling.

Destiny 2-Spawn Point

The players need to re-download the entire game to proceed further in the game. The game size will also shrink significantly. Bungie said that the next extension of Beyond Light is going to minimize installation size in Destiny 2 by 30 to 40%. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is now 120 GB on PS 4, 111 Go on Xbox One, 95 Go on PC, and all updates are included.


Destination 2: When Beyond Light comes out, Destiny 2, depending on the platform, can weigh between 59 GB and 71 GB.

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