Top Free Games this Week!

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Epic Games has recently made most of the gamers left wanting more of free games after its ‘Free Games Every Week’ move. Certainly, Epic Games has captured lot of attention from users around the globe.

After going trough this trend of free games, Epic games’ competitors such as STEAM and GOG have also started giving out free games. Recently, STEAM game PUBG free over the weekend and introduced us with new discounted EA games.

Here are this week’s free games list, happy gaming!

  • ARK: Survival EvolvedEPIC GAMES STOREAn action-adventure survival mode video game which was released in 2017 developed by Studio Wildcard and others. The game is based around a theme of prehistoric time with you being stranded on an island filled with dinosaurs. This hostile environment for humans makes this game even better. This game is also available on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.


  • STEAM – 7/10
  • IGN – 7.7/10
  • Metacritic – 70%
  • Google Play Store – 3.9/5
  • iOS App Store – 4.4/5
  •   Samurai Showdown (NEOGEO Collection)EPIC GAMES STOREIf you are into fighting games, this one can be a good addition to your list. Official name as Katakana this series is developed by SNK. With a 18th century Japanese environment and a beautiful portrayal of Japanese culture makes this game one of its kind. Although the dialogs are in Japanese but there are English, Portuguese and German  subtitles available.


  • IGN – 8.2/10
  • Metacritic – 81%
  • Unfortunate SpacemenSTEAMThis co-op /multiplayer is all about space and space-based      murder. Developed by Sandswept Studios, the core element of this game is about a group of spacemen who are trying to survive on a space station. The best part which attracts us is the ability to slip into the role of monster and not only play as spacemen. Do add this to your list.


  • STEAM – 9/10
  • Metacritic – No score yet
  • Hitman AbsolutionGOGDo you all even need an introduction of this legendary series? Well if yes, then click here. I personally am a big fan of Hitman Series especially this version. Hitman Absolution is not only the fifth instalment of this series but also follows Agent47s’ most personal contract till date. There is no missing out on this game. Sqaure Enix did justice once again to this awesome stealth based game. Definitely, a must have (even if it’s not free).


  • Metacritic – 79%
  • STEAM – 9/10
  • IGN – 9/10

We will be posting free games that are available throughout the week so do keep an eye. Just a heads up, do create an account on EPIC GAMES, STEAM, GOG and other major platforms. Keep on eye on our list and be sure not to miss this.

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