Gearbox Borderland 3 partnership with Direct Relief for covid-19 - Header

Gearbox Announced A Partnership for Donating to COVID-19

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Many countries re still fighting COVID-19 but are still planning to re-open due to economic crisis. Borderlands 3’s publisher Gearbox has recently announced a partnership with Direct Relief which is a charity dedicated to front-line healthcare and disaster relief workers. Healthcare worker are still need of equipment’s and donations to help them fight COVID-19 pandemic.

What Will Gearbox Give In Return?

Borderlands 3 players who want to donate a minimum amount of $5 to Direct Relief’s Fund through, you will receive a code which will unlock a cosmetic mask for your character. This mask is a virtual enhanced mask equipped with gas mask style air filter gaskets and metal piping on the top edge. The amount you pay will directly go to Direct Relief’s fund.

Gearbox Borderland 3 partnership with Direct Relief for covid-19

The founder of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford said: “This is an opportunity for us to use our platform for good and help those directly fighting the pandemic. We’re all inspired every day by the sacrifices that healthcare workers are making. So let’s have their backs while they are helping save lives.”

“While we’re developing new DLC, writing jokes we hope you find funny, and working to create new missions so that you think Borderlands 3 is the best damn video game you’ve ever played, we just ask you to help others as they fight real, honest-to-God battles that have to be won”.