GTA 5 is Free on Epic Game Launcher! Grab it Before May 21

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After this tweet, no one could believe what was happening. After confronting a lot of rumors, we can happily confirm that the legendary game from Rockstar GamesGTA 5 is now free. The tweet mentioned earlier was deleted due to a huge amount of traffic on the launcher. Lot of people had their eye on buying one but just wasn’t able to do so. EPIC Games has made dream come true for a huge amount of GTA 5 Fans and Followers.

It should not come as a surprise that after almost 7 years of launching GTA 5 (5 years on PC) that it has been made free for a while. It has been on sale for almost half of its price on STEAM, Rockstar Games Launcher and other launchers . As per our opinion, you might have already bought the game as we did just because it was worth it but also it is still among the game which has top 10 highest number of active players.

You may have a little trouble gathering your loot. It appears that a lot of people try to catch it, and the heavy traffic triggers long loading times and crashes with the launcher. But on the brighter side, you can always keep it your library. And do not forget to make some space (around 90 GB) on your HDD for this game.

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(All the prices mentioned above are dated on 15-05-2020)


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Credits: EPIC GAMES , Rockstar Games