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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Unveils its Biggest Update!

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The AR game, Harry Potter Wizards Unite has unveiled its biggest update in the new Adversaries update. It introduces a set of villains and other evil creatures to the game such as Draco Malfoy, Basilisk, Fenrir Greyback as a werewolf, Bellatrix Lestrange as nefarious.

Watch Harry Potter Wizards Unite Gameplay Trailer here:

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite the latest update brings prizes and rewards for beating villagers such as the Wizarding and Challenge XP. It also introduces a new Adversary Registry which is a group of over 75 objects gathered by players. This registry also provides more fighting courses.


In the game, players can use their phone as a viewfinder to navigate the real world and turn everyday backgrounds into magically infused wonderlands, full of Harry Potter Universe environments and characters.


Experience the real-world AR game by downloading it on the Samsung Galaxy Store, iOS Store, and Google Play Store.



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