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Perseverance Part 2 Trailer Available on Steam

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Poland Studio Titanic Games has announced the Perseverance Part 2 Trailer. The game is based on the mystery- horror novel and the trailer is available now on Steam whereas the complete PC version will release in Q1 of 2021. It is also decided to release on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch soon.

Check Out Perseverance Part 2 Trailer Announcement:

The game is inspired by other crime movies such as ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Revival’, etc. and delivers a thrilling mystery-drama visual touch to the game. Players play the role of Karen- a female assassin who is working for an agency. Karen’s mission is to figure out a mysterious girl- Jane who is for unexplained cause turning out to be a valuable asset to the organization. But as she advances in the game, she later gets to know about stuff which she shouldn’t know about.


Are you excited to solve this thrilling mystery? Then add Perseverance Part 2 to your wish list on Steam today!

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