Protest Where Players Are Dressed As Clown is Picking Pace in RDR2®- header

Protest Where Players Are Dressed as ‘Clown’ is Picking Pace in RDR2®!

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You read that right; players are now dressing as clowns in Red Dead Redemption 2 online in regards to a protest. Apparently, the trend #RedDeadFashion, #RedDeadOnline, #RedDeadClowns has been picking up pace since last few weeks. If you are familiar with these trends then we know you are already part of it. It has been over six months since the release of Rockstar’s Wild West multiplayer adventure update ‘Moonshiners. There are a lot of player who were waiting for the next update are now furious over the delay.

The trend started over at a Discord server, which managed to fill a whole server with players dressed as clowns, started the whole thing up. Nevertheless, the community has grown to include even members dressed as other circus performers. All in all, expressing their frustration with the game seems like a smart way to! Later, the trend also went to a subreddit, Red Dead Fashion, which is dedicated to showcasing players different outfits, customizations (kindof a virtual fashion show). Apart from minor updates the game has not given out any major ones. The movement is started to send a message to Rockstar Games.

Clown Protest in RDR2 Picking Pace !

Protest Where Players Are Dressed As Clown is Picking Pace in RDR2®- 1
Protest Where Players Are Dressed As Clown is Picking Pace in RDR2®- 2
Image Source: Twitter

“Since we’re all clowns for believing we’ll get an update, it’s fitting that we dress up as them in-game too!” the Travelling Circus fashion contest post says.

Entries for the Red Dead Fashion Traveling Circus are coming to an end on July 16, so you only have a few days to dress up and take a picture if you want a fame and fortune shot. At the other hand, one would imagine it to be a fun time when you decide to dress up as a clown and fire off a tweet at Rockstar. What do you think about this trend? Will it make it? Will you join?

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Source: ComicBook

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