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PUBG Mobile Introduces Infection Mode with Halloween Zombies

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PUBG Mobile has introduced a new update called Infection Mode with Halloween Zombies in the Hallo week celebration. This infection mode was released in August 2019, where players are split into two teams head-to-head with a zombie side and a defender on the one hand. The zombie team’s aim is clearly to kill all the defenders before the round is over. But in case if any defender team managed to survive then the team will earn chicken dinner.

PUBG Mobile

Watch PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 here:

As part of the return of Infection Mode, the content update of PUBG MOBILE’s Hallo weeks today also includes a fresh wave of specially thought decorations. Zombies hold Halloween masks and new lighting in the setting, including lanterns, tombs, and candles. More Hallo weeks will soon be announced about themes, posts, and festive material.


Get into this action-packed content update and download the free-to-play game title PUBG Mobile from the App Store and Google Play Store.


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